Make Even the Hardest Hills Feel Faster!

18 Aug, 2021
Win Your Fight With Gravity. Click Here
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Climb Hills Like a Pro!
Dance your way up any mountainous beast — and fly back down with confidence — with Bicycling’s hill training system, designed by Fit Chick Selene Yeager. Based on Yeager’s 20 years of riding and coaching, Climb! not only helps win your fight with gravity, it also shows you how to get in the best shape of your life.
With this exclusive book, you’ll:
BicyclingBUILD IRON LEGS! Get the benefit of 1200 leg presses in just 15 minutes of uphill pedaling!
BicyclingPOWER YOUR WAY THROUGH ANY RIDE! Fit Chick’s strength drills will help you to crank out serious wattage, regardless of the terrain.
BicyclingIMPROVE ENDURANCE! As your muscles adapt to your training, they’ll clear more lactate and stay aerobic longer, which helps you ride faster and harder for longer periods of time.
BicyclingCONQUER YOUR EVEREST! Get wisdom and advice from exercise physiologists, cycling coaches, nutrition experts, and top amateur and professional climbers to help you climb higher.
Now, there are no excuses. You’re definitely riding up that monster of a mountain. With this training system, you may even fall in love with climbing. You’re welcome.
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