Our Hands-Down Favorite Lululemon Pants

27 Oct, 2022
Lululemon loves naming a product. Some items, like the Fundamental T-Shirt, derive their names from, well, their fundamental-ness. So if you were to see something called “ABC Pants,” think, Well, it doesn’t get more fundamental than the first three letters of the alphabet, and leave it at that, I wouldn’t blame you. But in this case, “ABC” means something else. Specifically? “Anti-ball crushing.” Okay. Fun. Now, maybe I’m in the minority here, but I have to admit that I’m not generally plagued by crushed balls during my day-to-day. But I’ve still come to truly appreciate the ABC Pants because, in trying to solve a problem I never really had, Lululemon has done something else: created a smart, performance-minded riff on the five-pocket pant that you can comfortably pull on every day.

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