Practicing gratitude makes people happier, according to science

25 Nov, 2021
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Happy Thanksgiving! If you’re reading this wherever you are, we at Fast Company are grateful for your support. We know that saying Thank You is often an afterthought in busy, chaotic times but we also know that it goes a long way to building trust on a relationship. The positive impact of gratitude practiced daily, can’t be overstated. So thank someone today. Your brain will benefit and it will make you both happier. And best of all, it costs nothing!
—Lydia Dishman
Practicing gratitude makes people happier, according to science. Here’s how to make it a habit

An experiment that asked participants to write and deliver thank-you notes found large increases in reported levels of happiness, a benefit that lasted for an entire month.

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100 Things to be Grateful For
When you realize and express gratitude, you not only feel great, but you become a happier and more productive person. Click here to download your free e-book.
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