So, the Earth's core appears to have stopped spinning.

25 Jan, 2023

The Future Is A Clock That Is Ticking. Like. This.

24 January 2023

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Scientists Warn Giant Asteroid Is Actually Swarm of Particles, Nearly Impossible to Destroy

Deep Impact, Don’t Look Up, Armageddon — none of the Hollywood’s big death-by-asteroid disaster epics saw this one coming.

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ONE Startup Predicts Year That Technological Singularity Will Happen

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TWO Earth’s Core Appears to Have Stopped Spinning, Scientists Say

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THREE Chaotic Italian Fashion Line Baffles Facial Recognition Software

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Scientists Say We’re Closer to Nuclear Armageddon Than Any Other Point in History

You’ve probably. heard of the Doomsday Clock, the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists’ measurement of how close to nuclear Armageddon we are? Well, that clock just ticked forward — and this is why….

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Generative AI holds the same potential and dangers, and the race is already on.

— Gautam Adani, world’s third richest person

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