Dry Skin? Here’s What to Do

24 Jan, 2022

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The Best Fitness Gifts for Him

Just because your skin sometimes gets dry doesn’t mean you have textbook dry skin. It could be a temporary condition attributed to the cold, parched winter air, or even bodily dehydration. People who actually have dry skin are dealing with it on a daily basis: Their glands produce less oil, so they experience the same dry symptoms as the rest of us, but under less exceptional circumstances. Sound familiar? Well we’ve outlined how to take care of it, with additional advice from board-certified dermatologist Jennifer S. Kitchin.



This Remote Controlled Couple’s Vibrator Is Perfect for Valentine’s Day

Skip the chocolate and flowers this year and give a valentines gift that is sure to be a favorite for you and your significant other. Lovehoney is the world’s biggest online sex toy store, delivering waterproof, silicone and flexible products that represent the very latest in sex-tech. The We-Vibe Chorus is a couples’ toy that stimulates the GSpot, clitoris and penis simultaneously. Thanks to advanced technology like a squeeze remote, app integration, and Touch-sense, the Chorus knows what you want, and how to give it to you. It responds to your touch and desires, leading you both to a stunning crescendo. Plus, Gear Patrol readers can snag extra savings on the We-Vibe Chorus this season by using the code GP20 for 20 percent off.


The New Nike ZoomX Streakfly Is Designed Specifically for 5ks and 10ks

Ever since carbon fiber was inserted into running shoes, the obsession with the material has yet to abate. But with its newest training and racing shoe, Nike is thinking a bit differently about the material — and about runners themselves. The new ZoomX Streakfly is designed specifically with 5k and 10k distances in mind. Taking athlete feedback into account, the brand identified a gap in its racing line between what it offered for the full and half marathon and what it offered for competition on the track. The ZoomX Streakfly fills that gap. Here’s what you need to know about this innovative new shoe.

How to Fold Your Shirts (the Right Way)

Anyone that has worked retail can tell you all about the myriad of skills you pick up along the way, but the one that is perhaps the most valuable is also one of the most mundane: How to fold a shirt. Knowing the proper way to fold a shirt is valuable, whether it’s for your closet or to merchandise your brick-and-mortar store. It keeps both drawers and shelves orderly and easily accessible, and it’s high time you learned how.

100+ of the Best Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Valentine’s Day is fast-approaching, and it’s certainly not a holiday that you want to show up to empty-handed. It’s not that you need to spend a certain amount to show someone that you care, but the right gift can speak volumes, and earn you a whole lot of brownie points. Not sure what the special gift is? We have ideas. From conservation-benefitting chocolate to perfume to watch straps, these gift ideas cover every budget.


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