What to Know About Everyone's Favorite Rolex

01 Apr, 2021
Gear Patrol

Everything You Need to Know About Rolex’s Most Popular Watch

From languishing on shelves to becoming the hottest watch in the world, Rolex’s Cosmograph Daytona has had a wild ride, indeed.
Today in Gear: the Hyundai Santa Cruz Pickup, a Neat Sonos Hi-Fi Tip & More

The best way to catch up on the day’s most important product releases and stories.
Today’s Best Deals: 25% off Georgia Boots, A Deal on Todd Snyder x Timex & More

Deals delivered fresh each day so you can have the chance to shop before it all sells out.
These Are the Best Cars to Buy Slightly Used, Instead of New

Grabbing any of these one-year-old cars could save you big money over buying factory-fresh.
9 Female Snowboarders Who Should Be on Your Radar

Heroes, a new book by photographer Jérôme Tanon, puts the spotlight on snowboarding’s often-unsung icons.
What Has Powered Tesla’s Rise, and Can It Maintain Momentum?

The Gear Patrol Podcast Episode Four – Listen Now
The 2021 Volkswagen Arteon Is a Damn Sexy Sedan. Too Bad No One’s Buying

Volkswagen has a halo car, but odds are good you’ve never spotted one in the wild.
10 Things That’ll Make Spring the Best Season to Ski

Skiing is about fun, and no season brings that vibe out like springtime.
The Hyundai Santa Cruz Pickup: Everything You Need to Know

Hyundai has a cool-looking new pickup arriving soon. Here’s everything you need to know about it.
One of the Country’s Best Bottles of Bourbon Hits Shelves Across the Country

Four Roses Distillery to increase the distribution of its critically acclaimed bourbon Small Batch Select.
A Guide to Watch Case Shapes and Designs

Though watch cases can be distinct, they almost always fit into one of these seven categories.
15 Delicious IPAs You Can Buy Almost Anywhere

Sometimes you just want tasty, reliable and easy to find.
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