You Should Get a Backup Hard Drive. Seriously.

30 Aug, 2021
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The Best External Hard Drives to Backup Your Computer

There are two main reasons why you’d buy an external hard drive. First, your laptop or desktop is running out storage space. Or secondly, if you want to backup your various digital files (photos, videos, music) so that if something happens to your computer (maybe it breaks or gets stolen), you don’t lose everything. And god forbid when that day comes, you’ll wish you had backed your files up with an external hard drive. Sure, external hard drives need more desk space and they’re less portable, but knowing the things you need are secure — that’s priceless. 

Boxers vs. Boxer Briefs: Is One Style Really Better Than the Other?

A decades-long battle over whether boxers or boxers briefs are better culminated in… confusion. In 2021, we’re left wondering which really are better? And what exactly does better mean here? The style of underwear you layer beneath your bottoms is ultimately up to you, but some boast benefits others don’t. Care to find out more? We break down the history of each, plus the benefits of each, which are maybe not quite as important as some people say. 

Step Into Boot Season With Brand-New Socks

A heads up about the socks you see here: they aren’t meant for heavy duty hikers. These are for casual, albeit pedestrian, boot wearers trekking through snowy parking lots or freshly plowed sidewalks. The socks on this list may not boast the same performance-oriented tech or blister-deterring padding, but they’re still plenty comfortable and durable. Marked by unique marls or noticeable pile, boot socks promise heft and texture — and seasonal aesthetic appeal. They’ll fill out a pair of boots, keep your toes warm, and to look good doing it.

The 15 Best Gym Shorts of 2021 for Every Kind of Workout

The right pair of workout shorts can inspire you to train longer, harder and more often. On the flip side, the wrong pair — too baggy, too tight, too falling apart — can leave you feeling uninspired, lethargic and possibly wanting to stay home and eat ice cream rather than get to work. In other words, your workout shorts can have a big impact on how you train, and how you ultimately look and feel. With that in mind, here are 12 shorts that will set you up for success. From running to CrossFit to hoops to biking, they’ll support and elevate your training.

The Best Brands for an Entire Skincare Regimen

Many of us are loyal to individual grooming products, but few people are loyal to a brand for their entire regimen. Most brands build out an assortment for this very reason: for you to use all of their products in tandem with one another, all balanced together with that in mind. the following brands should contend for a uniform placement across your vanity and shower. They’re the best brands for an entire skincare regimen—some of them excelling in simplicity and affordability, and others in their nuance or lavishness. We’ll even pick a favorite product from each brand’s lineup if you want to test the waters before diving headfirst.
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