10 Best Tech Gifts Under $50

Date: 08 Dec, 2022

The 10 Best Tech Gifts Under $50

A handpicked list of cutting-edge yet affordable devices, gadgets, and accessories.

The 10 Best Kitchen Gifts Under $50

Quality kitchen goods at reasonable prices.

LOKI’s Falcon X-Series Off-Road Camper Features a Luxurious 15-Foot Habitat

The all-terrain, all-weather camper can comfortably sleep 6 adults.

Nitecore’s New Carbon Fiber Power Bank Still Performs at Sub-zero Temps

Constructed from a unibody shell and weighs just 6oz.

Maserati Rolls Out Its First-Ever Formula E Race Car

Maserati’s Tipo Folgore marks the 1st Italian marque to take on Formula E.

hearO’s Third-Edition Speaker Is Made Using a Tennis Ball from Wimbledon

The carbon-neutral device boasts easy, one-button operation.

Pelican Redesigns Its Ultra Rugged Micro Case for EDC Gear

The interior space increases while the exterior gets smaller.

Apple Music Sing Is an iPhone-Friendly Take on a Karaoke Party

The unique tech offers a quartet of features any singer can appreciate.

McLaren Debuts Its New Mobility Sub-Brand with an All-Electric Scooter

Featuring a button that folds it up in seconds.

Bentley and The Shoe Surgeon Link Up to Wheel Out a Bespoke Flying Spur Hybrid

It even comes with a custom pair of adidas Forum Lows.
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