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Something New for Your Knife Block

Date: 18 Mar, 2023
Generations of Expertise, Endless Uses

With a Spanish olive wood handle and USA-made olive green leather sheath, the Cleaver is a masterclass in artisan workmanship—and a testament to skill of the craftsmen we partner with.

Experience the difference five generations of craftsmanship make, and join the waitlist to get first access when it drops on Tuesday, 3/21 at 10 AM EDT.


Olive Wood Handle

Olive Wood Handle

Manufactured from the finest Spanish olive wood, the handle of the Cleaver is uniquely beautiful—and the woodgrain ensures no two handles are exactly the same in this limited quantity drop.

Olive Leather Sheath

Olive Leather Sheath

The unique olive green leather sheath protects the blade to keep its edge sharp when not in use, and is hand-crafted in a multi-generation USA tannery.

French Construction

French Construction

All of our knives at our factory in Thiers, France are full-tang and fully forged from a single rod of steel for unparalleled cutting ability and a razor-sharp edge.


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