READ: How To Help Your Child Be An Ally

Date: 04 Apr, 2021
Happy Easter & Passover!
Easter & Passover, April 2021
How to Help Your Child Be An Ally - Allyship is standing up for others—and it’s also being a part of a larger fight for what’s right. Empowering your child to stand up against injustice starts with modeling the behavior yourself, and having thoughtful conversations from a very young age, say experts. Here’s what you can say and do.
Let's Discuss: The Mother Load - A conversation with Kimberly Seals Allers, Lauren Smith Brody and Eve Rodsky on the disproportionate impact the pandemic has had on women, particularly mothers, who have taken on even more of the domestic load and dropped out of the paid workforce in unprecedented numbers.
How to Parent an Aries - Knowing what your sign brings to the parent-child equation can help you unlock your little ram’s leadership potential – or at least understand why you’re butting heads.
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Four Questions: A Passover Story-Alexandra Brown did not marry a Jewish man, but his name was David and that was close enough. Here, the writer reflects on how her husband fell in love with the Seder ritual, and how food and togetherness grounds her interfaith family.
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