A Plan for A Day Off

25 Nov, 2021

Hello there,

If you’re sitting up straight while reading this, please fix that. This email is best digested lying down, ideally with your ankles tucked under a fluffy pillow and something soft, knitted, and heavy draped over your legs. Then, figure out how to rest a mug of tea just near enough so you can reach it without having to fully sit up. 

Here are a few other things you could do today that require very-little-to-zero additional movement: 

  • Peruse a few options for legwear designed for sitting curled up on a couch. We prefer these soft-as-a-dream cashmere ones, but if you want a matching set or live in a warmer climate, you could consider these.
  • Stare at CJ Hendry’s hyperrealistic drawings of daubs of oil paint or silky peonies. The vivid color and texture is mesmerizing, particularly when you consider that she had to draw each stroke with tiny colored pencils to achieve the final effect. 
  • Scroll through one hundred notable books from this year to find your next literary adventure. We’re starting with The Book of Mother.
  • Consider registering for this Black Friday event, a chance to (virtually) shop live with friends without necessarily having to adjust your posture from its current state. 

If you happen to want to move just a little bit:

  • Slip on some pants that look sharp but feel as soft as the indulgent blanket you left behind on the couch (Pro tip: They’re also currently on sale). 
  • Make a pocket-sized painting set out of an Altoids tin, and find a scenic byway to put on paper, much like this artist who captures palm-sized landscapes outside of Boulder, Colorado. 
  • Before you leave, make a mug of redolent rooibos tea and put in a thermos equipped for a long day playing with your new paint set. Doing so will also help warm your fingers, should you need it. 

If you want to move around a lot:

  • Pop your city’s name into this site, which lists out walking tours for wherever you happen to be in the world. You could also type in a city on the other side of the world if you’d like to travel vicariously. 
  • Head out in search of this curious and helpful whale, which recently returned a woman’s iPhone off the coast of Norway—the strangest game of fetch we’ve seen lately. 
  • Pull on liquid sunshine in the form of this cashmere sweater. No matter if you’re heading into a gray day, foggy morning, or brisk fall afternoon, you’ll be outfitted with your own excellent weather. It’s good to be prepared. 

Let us know what you choose. Personally, we’ll be going with the bright yellow sweater but staying on the couch—after all, today is the perfect day for equal parts sunshine and rest. 

The M.M. Team

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New York,  NY  10005  
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