Train With a Navy SEAL

25 Nov, 2021
Ten Thousand
Inspiration for your $20 Cash For Class savings.

To give you some inspiration on how to use your Cash For Class savings, we asked Ten Thousand athlete and 12-time American Ninja Warrior Grant McCartney to get out of his comfort zone by training with some of the most serious men in the country.

As a former Navy SEAL, Kaj Larsen has done everything from HALO jumping out of C-130s in the Middle East to executing combat dives on rebreathers under ships in the open ocean. To stay in the physical and mental shape needed to operate at the highest levels, Kaj has always had an unsparing approach to fitness – and he shared this approach with Grant McCartney. To get Grant out of his comfort zone, Kaj programmed the ultimate Tactical workout that combined endurance, raw physical strength, and accuracy under pressure.

Follow the link below to check out the first installment of our Cash For Class series and get inspired on how to spend your $20.



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