Good morning. I wanted to let you know that we are having a 20% off everything from Skratch sale. 

I was told to say it was the End of the Summer sale, but I’m holding on to summer and not ready for it to end yet. 

If you ever feel like this 🥵during your workout, you have to give 💧Skratch Hydration (our best tasting hydration) a try.  It is the most sought after hydration by both Feed Athletes and Pro Athletes alike. Everyone loves the taste (made with real fruit) and the rapid hydration it provides is as good as it gets.

After your long workout, try out Skratch’s Recovery Mix, most Feed Athletes like the Chocolate the best, but if Horchata is your thing (as it is mine), then you HAVE to try the Horchata mix and add a dash of cinnamon on top!

If you haven’t tried out the new Skratch Rice Crispy, it is like a rice crispy treat for athletes, I bet this will become your new favorite bar / snack. 

The sale applies to ALL Skratch products:

💧  All Skratch Hydration is 20% off
🍫  All Skratch Bars are 20% off
🍬 All Skratch Chews are 20% off

💪 All Skratch Recovery is 20% off

BONUS: For the first time you can also save 20% on Skratch’s High Performance (High Carb) Superfuel Drink!.

We also have the new 3x bigger bags (3lb) for Skratch Hydration and 2x bigger bags (2LB) for Skratch Recovery Available and they are 20% off.