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As part of your New Year plans, I have something you should try to upgrade and ultimately change your breakfast routine for the better.

I’ve struggled for years to find the perfect breakfast routine: one to prepare me for a workout or a busy workday. I would typically have a breakfast leaving me feeling too full to train, or I would eat a light breakfast but then run out of energy just as my workout was getting good. 

Earlier this year, I tried a plant-based superfood shake for breakfast called Kyoku, and I fell in love. 

If you are wondering how much I liked it, well, we bought the company. Kyoku launched at The Feed in June and promptly sold out. We dramatically underestimated the demand and how long it would take with supply chain issues to make more. Thankfully Kyoku is now back!

Here is why you are going to love Kyoku, starting with the smooth, delicious taste:

  • You won’t be hungry until mid-afternoon
  • You won’t have any cravings to snack or binge later in the day.
  • You can get to your workout or workday fast. Just mix, blend and go. 
  • You will significantly increase your veggie and superfood intake every day.

This spring, I had several race events, and Kyoku was gold. I would drink it 2 hours prior, and except for some hydration & quick energy (gels and chews) during the competition, I had a consistent source of energy. 

To learn more, I tested my body’s glucose response for a month wearing a Supersapians Continous Glucose Monitor. After a Kyoku shake, I had almost no insulin spike and would maintain stable blood glucose levels for hours afterward.  

For perspective, after a typical breakfast, I would have a massive insulin spike and a corresponding crash afterward. 

The best part, it tasted great. For the record, I’m not exactly a big “spinach” kind of guy, and I loved the flavor of Kyoku

Kyoku uses organic vanilla and a coconut base to make it creamy and smooth. The vanilla flavor also makes it easy for you to add different fruits, bananas, or almond butter to add variety to your daily routine.

I wasn’t joking when I said we bought the company. We have never done this before, but it’s rare to find a small company with a product of such high quality. The Feed could now invest in scaling their production to bring a healthy breakfast to every Feed Athlete. 

 👉🏼 I’m excited for you to give it a try. You will receive 25% off on the 12-pack and 24-pack with the code Kyoku25. 

Want to learn more? Keep reading below.


How to use Kyoku

You can use Kyoku any time of day, but I prefer it as part of my morning routine. I like to blend it with 14 oz of Oat Milk and a handful of ice. Now and then, I will add a tablespoon of Almond Butter.

Dr. Kevin Sprouse, who helped me vet Kyoku before purchasing it, likes to use Kyoku at lunch between a busy schedule with patients. He also uses Kyoku extensively when he is traveling.

What’s in Kyoku?

Your Kyoku shake is made from 16 different superfoods picked for improving athletic performance and recovery, each with significant serving size to have a real impact. 

  • Greens: Broccoli, Spinach, Kale, Green Pepper
  • Carbs & Protein: ChickPea, Peas, Brown Rice, Hemp Seeds, Sweet Potatoes, and Chia Seeds
  • Performance: Black Pepper, Beet Root, Ashwagandha
  • Recovery: Turmeric, Tart Cherry, Quercetin from Apples.

You may see other green/plant shake companies talking about 70+ different superfoods. These claims can be more marketing hype and not nourishing your busy lifestyle or impacting your performance. 

Whenever you put 70 of anything in a shake, you get so little of each ingredient it is no longer effective.

Kyoku has also spent a small fortune on ingredients. I think about it this way: Kyoku is my primary fuel for more than half my day. This is not where I’m trying to save a few dollars to have lower-quality ingredients. I want the best I can get, regardless of an extra few dollars. 

As I learned more about Kyoku, I was constantly amazed at the team’s attention to detail on every single ingredient.

The Kyoku team worked with the best farms for each curated fruit and vegetable, flash froze them on site and then used a heating process to dehydrate each ingredient. From here, it is blended and mixed into what you receive in each Kyoku packet.

It is a time-consuming and costly process, but the result is an honest product with best-in-class ingredients.

Please tell me what you think. You save 25% today to give it a try with the code Kyoku25.

Upgrade your Morning with Kyoku 


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