I’ve found in my winter training I have to adapt to how I hydrate. If I’m outside, I tend to not be as “thirsty” but I’m still sweating a bunch under all of those layers.  If I’m inside, it is even more critical to double or triple my normal amount of electrolytes.

I’ve picked out 3 new hydrations for you to try and I like to think of hydration as following into one of three categories:

  • Electrolytes only (low calorie / all-around hydration) 
  • Electrolytes + Fuel (for workouts over 60 minutes)
  • High Sodium (high electrolytes for heavy sweating)

💧 Top Electrolyte Only Drink For Indoor Training:

My new favorite for all-around hydration is ERW Active The brainchild of Dr. Stacy Sims and renowned Denmark Chef, Hannah Grant formulated a hydration mix designed to work with your physiology by helping your body absorb fluid more efficiently. They spared no expense with the ingredients and you can tell when you taste it.

🍍 NEW Electrolytes + Fuel Drink from Spring Energy:

For longer workouts (anything over 60 minutes) you want to hydrate and get some fuel. I just tried an amazing new hydration mix that is made from real fruit. I know, everyone says they have real fruit. But Spring Energy has converted produce into an effective, and nutritious drink mix. 

Seriously it is sort of crazy how they make it. They take actual slices of fruit and use an infrared drying technology to preserve the critical nutrients, vitamins, and fiber from the fruits, this is then converted to a powder for a convenient drink format. 

The Piña Colada is fruity and amazing, it is like a fruit smoothie.  If you want more of a fruit/veggie green drink, try out Passion Fruit Dates

The first thing I love about this is the taste. The second thing is that you know after the first sip that this is real fruit, not just a sprinkling of fruit and added sugar, all of the sugar comes from the fruit – there is NOTHING additionally added.  

🧂 Do you have a puddle of sweat when you train indoors?

If you are like me, you have a puddle of sweat after indoor training. Even when I train outdoors, I live in fear of being cold, so I over-layer and then sweat too much. During my heavy perspiration workouts, LMNT high sodium drinks are incredibly satisfying. 

LMNT is a zero sugar high sodium, potassium, and magnesium blend that has become the go-to solution for athletes on a ketogenic diet.  It comes in some crazy flavors. I suggest you start with Raspberry Salt or Citrus Salt. 

Drink on!

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