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🇸🇪 Maurten: 33% Savings.
Buy any 2 Boxes and get 1 FREE.

This is the best deal of the past two years on Maurten. You can get any boxes: drinks, gels, etc… Add 3 boxes to your cart, and one is FREE. You can also add any 6 Maurten Boxes and get 2 for Free. There is no limit on the number of boxes you can get. We have also made it easier and created a bundle of 3 boxes for you, just add it to you cart!

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Top Nutrition Deals:

🍓 Skratch: Save 20%

🇮🇹 Enervit: Save 25%

🍁 Untapped: Save 20%

💨 Gu: Save 20%

🧇 Vafels: Save up to 30%

👍 ProBar: Save 20%

🍯 Honey Stinger: Save 25% on waffles

🥇 Neversecond: Save 20%

🆘 SOS Hydration: Save 25%

🌷Spring Energy – Save 20% on bags

Top Recovery Gear Deals:

💆‍♀️ Theragun Pro – Save $200

🦵 Hyperice Normatec– Save $150

🤲 Roll Recovery – Save 10%

🏃🤏 PSO-Rite – Save 25%

🔥 Hyperice Venom Back – Save $50

📳 Theragun Vibrating Roller – Only $99

Top Performance Boosters:

🇨🇭SwissRX– Save 30%

💊 Sur AltRed – Save 20%

AMP PR Lotion – Save 25%

🥶 Lactico Lotion: Save 20%

⚡️ TruNiagen NAD – Save 20%

🌱 Ikor Topical CBD – Save 25%

👨‍🔬 Quicksilver – Save 10%

Top 5 Gifts for Athletes:

1️⃣ Hyperice Hypervolt Go, Only $159

2️⃣ USWE Hydration Fanny Pack, $79

3️⃣ Hyperice X Hot & Cold Device, $449

4️⃣TheragunSolo Vibrating Ball, Only $59

5️⃣ Hyperice Normatec, $749, Save $150

🏅Feed Formulas: 50% OFF

If you use vitamins or supplements, you want to check out Feed Formulas.

Instead of bottles you get four weeks of daily supplement pouches made just for you. Start with the Athlete Daily to get what Dr. Kevin Sprouse uses as a daily routine with his Tour de France Athletes. Get it now while it is 50% off.

Plus, there are even more deals from Puori, Powerbar, Picky Bar, Fluid, Infinit, Joje Bar, Spring Energy, Belgian Boys, Klean Athlete, iKOR and more…

Enjoy the most insane sale we have ever had at The Feed.



The Feed.