This weekend is the Leadville 100 Mountain Bike Race and a great example of an event/workout that will push all participants to their limits.

You don’t need to ride Leadville. You can create your own adventure. This past week I’ve had some extra training time, and I’ve been lowering my intensity and doubling my workout time. Each day has been my own mini Leadville. The fitness gains from this extra workout time is remarkable.?

I’ve been following the same fueling plan as our Leadville athletes, and I’m amazed at how easily I’ve been able to finish workouts twice my usual distance.

Note: If you are doubling your typical workout, make a promise to yourself to start slower and lower the pace. Also, if you have any injuries, be prepared to cut them short if you have any pain.

Our Leadville athletes are following the plan below, including our Feed Employees,?Eli Kranefuss (age 24) and Brandon Dyksterhouse (age 46 and our Head Coach!). I just checked the 34 mile split time, Eli was in 10th and Brandon in 34th!

Leadville 100 MTB Fueling Plan

Before the start:?

Every hour:

  • Use 1 Gel per hour (alternate between regular and caffeinated)
  • Consume 2 Chews every 30 minutes.
  • In the first 4 hours, consume a bar or waffle every hour.?
  • At 4 hours into the race, down another 25g of Delta G Ketones.?
  • Hydrate from your hydration pack regularly
  • Aim to drink a bottle of Maurten 320 every 90 minutes and plan to get new refilled bottles after 3 hours.?

In case of emergency

  • Bring 2 Enervit Liquid Energy Gels to “break open in case of emergency”. These will bring you back from the dead as they pack a real energy punch.?

Enjoy the power and substantial fitness gains you can get by doubling your typical workout time at least once per month.