Ready for 🌼 spring training? Let’s get you a fresh new bottle for FREE!

I’m thrilled to share that Free Feed Bottles are back! Plus now you can pick your own color:

– Go here to pick your new bottle color.
– Place any order over $75 and your bottle is free (and you get free shipping). 

NEXT let’s get you some new hydration to put in your bottle

– NEW: Get a Hydration Try-Out-Pack of our top 9 hydration drinks for only $21.99
– NEW: Skratch 🍇 Grape is 👍
– 🧂Salt Lover? Checkout out LMNT, low calorie and great for heavy sweaters.
–  🇬🇧 SIS Go Electrolyte Tablets are BACK IN STOCK
– 🍁Untapped MapleAid Lemon Tea is also back and one of my favorites

Enjoy your Free Bottle!