The former World Champion cyclists, Peter Sagan, liked Osmo so much, he bought the company!  We are thrilled to have Osmo back at The Feed (and Peter is giving everyone 15% Feed Credit to try out Osmo today). 

What I love about Osmo is the science behind the products developed by Dr. Stacy Sims (who I used to work with at the Garmin Pro Cycling Team), let me explain:

Osmo has 4 categories of products, hydration, pre-hydration, recovery, and a line up specific to women’s needs. I’ll skip the deep science and give you my take on why these formulations are unique and why should try them out:

  1. The foundation of Osmo is their hydration drink. The key to hydration while you are training is the ability for you to rapidly absorb the fluid you are drinking and not have it sit in your stomach and slosh around. The key to this is the osmolality of your drink, it has to be lower than the osmolality of your blood to get absorbed quickly. This is where Osmo (hence the name) really shines.

  2. Before you workout (especially indoor and in hot weather) Osmo has a really unique pre-workout that is focused on super hydrating you before training. It is not for every workout, but for your intense and especially warm weather workouts. Most pre-workouts you are focused on caffeine and energy (which actually dehydrates you), but Osmo has taken a different approach (there is no caffeine) it is focused and pre-loading your hydration.

  3. After you workout, Osmo has a fantastic recovery drink that adds caffeine to the mix. Why Caffeine? Well a small amount of caffeine (30mg) has shown to increase the replacement of glycogen in your muscles by over 66% versus carbs and protein alone. Plus it combines both Whey and Casein proteins to get the best of both words of a fast absorbing protein and a slow absorbing protein (that also keeps you from getting hungry). 

  4. Women’s specific hydration (finally!). Osmo’s creator, Dr. Stacy Sims, who also authored the very popular book ROAR for female athletes formulated a hydration optimized for women. Based on the fluctuations of hormones during different phases of women’s cycles, the hydration needs are different for women over men and Dr. Sims has optimized the hydration specifically for this purpose based on her research and the best available science.

Get all of Osmo’s products today and get 15% savings in Feed Credit (thanks Peter!).

– Matt

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