My favorite Ketones story happened a few years ago during a stage at the Tour de France. I was in our team car, and a Team Sky rider grabbed a bottle from his team car and dropped it. Panic ensued. The rider came up to our car and said: “Well, there goes 5 thousand quid”.   

As you probably guessed, the dropped bottle contained Ketone Ester before it was commercially available, hence the very high cost.  

Now, this secret potion of only the world’s most elite athletes is available to the rest of us, and HVMN is back with their new Ketone-IQ Formula. The flavor is better, and with an update to the formulation, it is now 1/3 the price per serving. 

HVMN has over 30K people on the waitlist for this new formula, but Feed Athletes are getting first dibs today on the new formula ahead of the official launch. 

If you have been using Ketones or have been curious to try them out, now is your chance. We have a limited supply that is in stock and ships today.

I use Ketones in three ways:

1) Daily I’ll take a serving in the morning for a mental acuity boost and focus at work or during my workout.

2) For recovery after a hard workout, I have one serving post-training and another before bedtime. 

3) For long workouts, I’ll use it along with a Maurten Gel as an additional energy source 2 to 3 times during my workout. 

The new Ketone-IQ is different that the original Oxford Ketone Ester which is available from TΔS, not to go too deep into the science, but here is the difference. TΔS makes DeltaG which is an Ester of BDO+BHB, which is very expensive to produce. The new Ketone IQ is just the BDO component.

Does the new Ketone-IQ work?  Yes. It won’t get you as high a level of blood ketone levels as TΔS Delta G in our experiments, but it definitely gets you between 1.0 and 2.0 mmol of blood BHB after about an hour, which many consider the effective zone. As a point of reference that is the level of ketones that you would achieve after 1 to 2 days of fasting!

If you have any questions on Ketones, just hit reply, and I’ll get right back to you.


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