I hope you found your share of golden eggs today. We have a rare golden one to add to your Easter basket…

I’m really want you to try Swiss RX and I’m giving you 25% to give it a try (use code: TrySwissApril21

But, before you go hopping off to get yours, I wanted to make sure you know why we’re offering you this easter deal

SwissRX continues to be the best-selling brand at The Feed since its launch last fall 90% of customers that try Swiss RX once, keep ordering it.

It’s true, I’m trying to get you hooked on it, but only because it is working so well for our Feed Athletes.

Well, the biggest challenge we have is convincing athletes who’ve never tried SwissRX before to give it a go. Let’s face it, it isn’t cheap. That’s because the ingredients are simply better (and more expensive). The whole mission of SwissRX is to only source the most effective ingredients regardless of price.

Sometimes we need a little carrot 🥕 to get us moving in the right direction (I’m sure the Easter Bunny would agree!). My easter carrot for you is to reduce the price of Swiss RX by 25% for your to give it a try.

The 25% sale is for ALL SwissRX Products, but if you are looking to get started I want to highlight the top Swiss RX products

  1. SwissRX Total Recovery Shake: Our #1 Selling Recovery Shake.

  2. SwissRX Nitric Oxide: Our #2 Selling Performance booster after Ketones.

First Up Is SwissRX Total Recovery Shake 🥤

Are you an athlete who likes to keep it simple? Does taking multiple pills every day sound like a drag? If you could get all the supplementation you need as an athlete and accelerate post-workout Recovery by drinking one delicious shake a day, would that sound like your kind of regimen?

We sell lots of recovery shakes and they are all good for refueling you with carbs and protein. But when it comes to recovery ALSO need to control post-workout inflammation. SwissRX Total Recovery is the first recovery shake formulated specifically on post-workout inflammation.

Plus it tastes great!


  • Refuels you with an ideal amount of carbs (14g) to protein (18g) ratio, using a low-inflammation protein made from organic brown rice that’s also rich in the key amino acids you need for muscle repair.
  • Reduces inflammation with a high dose of our triple-threat combination of Bee Propolis, Turmeric, and Quercetin
  • Repairs your gut from workout stress and keeps systemic inflammation in check while soothing digestion.
  • Maintains proper immune function so that hard workouts don’t compromise your immunity or lead to an over-reactive immune response.

Want to also stay ahead of soft tissue injuries?

I always add 1 scoop of SwissRX Collagen to my shake. It helps with soft tissue repair and is in itself a potent anti-inflammatory.

Make it even more special with these tasty additions:

Add 5 whole strawberries to the Strawberry Shake 🍓

Add a scoop of Almond Butter to the Vanilla Chai or Swiss Chocolate 🥜

Remember, ALL SwissRX products are 25% off today with code: TrySwissApril21

👉 Get your Total Recovery shake here 

👉 Get your SwissRX Collagen here 


Turbocharge Your Training With SwissRX Nitric Oxide 🏃‍♂️💨

So why all the fuss over SwissRX Nitric Oxide

When you boost nitric oxide (NO), you dilate your arteries and increase the amount of oxygen rich red blood cells flowing to your working muscles.. That’s why supplements like Sur Alt Red, BeetElite, and others have become so popular with endurance athletes. 

What I feel when using Swiss RX Nitric Oxide is my previous intense (threshold) level efforts are now just a smidge easier. Without the boost I would fade after 2 to 3 minutes, but when using Nitric Oxide I feel I can get to 10 to 12 minutes before I start to fade. 

Why SwissRX Is Better: Most Nitric Oxide supplements use a beet extract to boost nitric oxide and they work well for getting you a strong boost of Nitric Oxide, but they fade away quickly (after 2 hours).

SwissRX has figured out (through clinical trials) that if you use L. Citrulline instead of a beet extract you get the same high level of Nitric Oxide AND the level is maintained for a full 5 hours before it declines.

The difference is enormous in how much more effective SwissRX Nitric Oxide is compared to other brands out there. Keep in mind that Swiss RX uses the EXACT ingredients used in clinical trials. This is one reason athletes are so impressed with the results. They literally mirror the results found in studies.

SwissRX has combined L. Citrulline with a patented form of Grape Seed Extract that has been shown to activate your body’s production of Nitric Oxide (via eNOS) and help maintain arterial dilation.

SwissRX has the most effective Nitric Oxide booster we’ve found on the market. It will open your blood vessels and increase oxygen flow, allowing you to go faster and harder for longer.


Today’s your chance to try the best supplements for athletes that really work at a rare discount. We know you’ll fall in love if you just give them a chance. With spring and summer training right around the corner, now is the time to get your 2021 routine fine-tuned and polished with the best supplements possible. Try Swiss today for a whopping 25% off (use code: TrySwissApril21 and see for yourself what all the buzz is about.

P.S. Reach out to us by replying to this email with any questions you have on what SwissRX protocol would be best for you. One of our coaches will be able to set you up with exactly what you need to be better at your sport!


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