I’m starting a weight loss experiment based on how the world’s best pro athletes lose weight and wanted to share the plan in case you are interested in joining me. My goal is to lose 10 lbs over the next 3 to 4 weeks but still maintain my training and fitness. If you are going to try it out yourself, hit reply and just say “I’m in”.

Weight loss is a challenging subject as there is no one solution.  It is even more challenging for athletes as you want to lose weight, but not lose muscle or performance. 

In speaking with Dr. Kevin Sprouse our Chief Medical Advisor and the EF Pro Cycling Team Doctor, we discussed how the world’s most elite athletes lose weight in the off season and coming into major events and this is the foundation of what I’m going to follow in trying to lose 10lbs this month.  This is not a forever plan, most athletes accomplish their goal in 3 to 4 weeks if they strictly follow the plan.

Here is the plan and I’ll discuss all the components below.

– Stop eating at 7 PM and start eating again at 11 AM the next day (basic Intermittent Fasting)
– Add in a workout of 45 minutes to 90 minutes in the morning while you are fasted
– Take 1 Bottle (10g) of Delta H Ketones either before your workout or right after
– Have a normal lunch and dinner

Let me break it down for you….

The first step is reducing your total calorie intake and supercharging fat burning by adding in a fasted workout of 45 minutes to 90 minutes in the morning. 

To keep it simple, the fasting is the same as intermittent fasting. Stop eating at 7 PM and then eat your next meal at noon the next day (yes, you can have black coffee in the morning!)  Eat a normal lunch and dinner.

In terms of your workout you can try to go as hard as you normally do, but don’t worry if you are performing at a lower level in the 2nd half of your workout. This is normal.  During your workout it is really important to hydrate, but you will want a low calorie hydration. I’m using SOS or Nuun (NOT Skratch or Maurten). 


If you are anything like me, I get really hungry and then give up my weight loss goal after just a few days.  This is also very common with Pro Athletes when they feel their training is dropping they freak out and stop their weight loss program.

The secret is using Ketones to suppress your hungry, provide energy, and boost your mental acuity (i.e. remove brain fog) while you are fasting.  This is the most common way Ketones are being used by pro athletes right now.

An interesting recent real world example, a female pro athlete we sponsor started working with our Head Coach, Brandon Dyksterhouse, on a weight loss program to get to her racing weight with Ketones and she reported last week that she is shedding the pounds easier than anytime in her career and her power numbers are even going up in training.  She had never tried Ketones for weight loss and is amazed and how effective they are.

Ketones alone won’t help you lose weight on their own, you need to combine them with the calorie restriction and ideally the fasted workout.

The good news on Ketones is that you only need 10g or what is known as Delta H (versus the more expensive 25g version known as Delta G).

Let’s talk about the two downsides of Ketones: Price and Taste.  Delta H is less expensive than the 25g version known as Delta G, but it is still $22 per bottle.  You will need one and possible two per day (more on that below).  I realize this is pricey, but the weight loss benefits for many are worth this investment and you don’t have to do it forever, just until you get to your ideal weight.

The other downside is taste, Ketones don’t taste great. But the good news is Delta H is a lemon flavor and if you take it in a quick shot it really isn’t that bad.  Much better than Delta G version.

I’ve been experimenting with the timing of Ketones and I can’t tell you yet if it is better to do it before your workout or right after. So try both and see what works best for you (and let me know).  I’m currently leaning before my workout. 

Here are some pro tips:

What about female athletes?
There is data emerging about fasting an the impact on female athletes, so I want to be clear that this plan is ONLY for 3 to 4 weeks and includes a full refeeding phase everyday. The combination of these two components drastically lowers an potential issues for female athletes.  As added protection, female athletes could further add in 10g to 15g of carbs prior to their morning workout. 

What do I eat for lunch?
After lunch is when you want to refeed your carbs from your workout. So carbs are okay here, but then you probably want to go a bit lighter on the carbs at dinner. Just make sure one meal is normal carbs and one meal is lighter on the carbs.

I can’t sleep when I’m hungry.
I also have this problem. We have seen many pro athletes taking a 2nd bottle of Delta H right before bed or keeping it beside their bed and consuming it if they wake up during the night hungry and then they fall right back to sleep satiated.

Can I have coffee?
Yes!  As long as it is black coffee or tea, you are good to have this when you make up or anytime during the fasting period.

I’m worried about losing my fitness?
If you are at a super elite level and you feel you aren’t getting able to complete your interval workouts at the intensity you need, then you can add in up to 25g (like 3 chews or a Gel) of carbs prior to your high-intensity morning workouts along with your 10g of Delta H.  

What about supplements?
You can stick with your normal routine, in particular, I’m making sure I take 4 capsules of Swiss RX Multi-Vitamin as it is really amazing at increasing my daily energy levels (it is more an energy creation supplement than a multi-vitamin). It also get a slight energy boost in the AM when you take it. 

I’ve heard about Berberine
I didn’t want to overwhelm you with ideas, so I left this out. We are experimenting with Berberine before the 2nd meal of the day.  The basic idea is that berberine will blunt your insulin response to a meal, so your store less of it as fat, but the timing is important. If you follow the plan and workout in the morning, then do not take the berberine before your lunch meal, as this meal is to replenish your glycogen. Then 45 minutes before your dinner meal, take 2 capsules of Thorne Berberine.

FYI…We are using the Supersapiens continuous blood glucose monitors with our Feed Team and Test Athletes to get a sense if berberine is working or not, it is too early to know, but wanted to share now in case you wanted to try berberine for yourself. 

If you are going to give it a go, reply “I’m in” so I can follow-up with you to see how it is going.


The Feed.