🧠Did you know that your brain has very high energy demands and relies on creatine as an energy source like your muscles?  
Creatine is probably the most used daily performance supplement, but its impact on cognitive health and performance is relatively new. 

🤔First, does taking creatine orally actually increase it in your brain? 
The evidence is solid here, with 9 out of 13 studies showing that taking oral creatine increases levels in the brain.

👉🏼So what happens with increased brain creatine levels? 
Studies have shown that short-term memory and reasoning may improve by taking creatine.

A study in South Korea had 52 women with chronic depression taking Lexapro (an antidepressant) try adding creatine to their diet. Another part of that same group added a  “placebo” to their diet.

At the end of two weeks, those who had taken creatine showed a 32 percent improvement in symptoms of depression, while those taking the placebo only improved by 3.7 percent. At four weeks, the improvement rate increased to 68 percent with creatine and 29 percent without. 

By the end of the study, half of the women in the creatine group were depression-free, placing them at twice the group’s success rate than those who took Lexapro alone. Source: The Atlantic 

Creatine is safe and inexpensive, and now you can get both the performance benefits of faster peak power during high-intensity and, based on the study, additional cognitive, mood, and neuroprotective benefits.

A few years ago, creatine was shunned by many endurance athletes as it increased water retention. While this effect will often dissipate, there is a more thoughtful way for athletes to take creatine and avoid water retention.

If you skip the “loading period” (which is 20g daily for 5-7 days), it will take a week or two longer to achieve peak creatine levels. 

Instead, I recommend building up your creatine slowly, taking 3g to 5g per day. This will get you to peak levels without the water retention side effects.   

Most high-quality creatine is from a brand called Creapure®, the brand name for pure creatine monohydrate. At The Feed, we sell several different brands of pure monohydrate creatine. They range from $0.07 per gram to $0.10 per gram.

1) The best deal is Thorne Creatine, you get a total of 90 servings of 5g, and the cost per gram is only $0.07.

2) If you want it tested, Klean Athlete® gets you NSF certified for 60 servings of 5g, and the cost per gram is $0.10.

3) If you want just a one-month supply, Onnit is a great option at only $14.95 for a 30 day supply and $0.10 per gram.

☀️Add some creatine to your routine and see how it works to brighten your day!



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