Your Money: Financial Planning With Chronic Disease

18 Jan, 2022
Financial planning with chronic disease is complicated. Start by building a team of people to help.

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After a ‘horrendous’ 2021, the I.R.S. will start the tax season with a major backlog.

At least 10 million returns from last year remain unprocessed because of short-staffing at the tax collector, according to the national taxpayer advocate.

By Tara Siegel Bernard

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Navient agrees to cancel 66,000 student borrowers’ loans to settle claims of predatory lending.

The student loan servicer agreed to cancel $1.7 billion in private student loan debts for nearly 66,000 borrowers and to pay $95 million in restitution.

By Stacy Cowley and Tara Siegel Bernard

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Bank of America says it will cut overdraft fees this year.

The country’s second-biggest bank will trim its $35 overdraft fee to $10 starting in May.

By Lananh Nguyen

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Millions Have Lost a Step Into the Middle Class, Researchers Say

The new figure points to the challenge for the majority of Americans who do not have a four-year college degree.

By Steve Lohr

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Housing costs swell, hampering home buyers and pushing up rents.

Rent costs, a key component of inflation, surged 0.4 percent in December, putting pressure on the Federal Reserve to tamp down rising prices.

By Sydney Ember

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After Another Great Year for Stocks, Peril Lingers

Inflation and the coronavirus did not hold back the stock market last year, but in 2022, investors face new worries.

By Conrad de Aenlle

Article Image

Protection for Inflation, With Some Leaks

A TIPS fund can shield investors from inflation to some extent, but so can other choices, like real estate, dividend-paying stocks and commodities.

By Tim Gray

Article Image

Stock Sectors That Go Up Usually Then Fall. Guess What Happened in 2021?

The returns for 2020 and 2021 followed a familiar pattern. One year’s winning investment picks were losers the next year.

By Brian J. O’Connor

Article Image


Airlines warn of chaos if 5G mobile service is deployed this week.

Thousands of planes could be grounded because the new internet technology interferes with sensors, the industry reiterated in a letter to federal officials.

By Jack Ewing

Article Image

Delta Air Lines and a union spar over isolation periods for sick workers.

The airline’s top lawyer sent a letter telling the union to stop criticizing policies on how many days workers should isolate themselves if they test positive for the coronavirus.

By Niraj Chokshi and Lauren Hirsch

Article Image

Can a Gay Cruise Keep 4,700 People Safe Amid Covid?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has warned Americans to avoid travel on cruise ships. But the tour operator insists that its health protocols are safe enough.

By Ceylan Yeginsu

Article Image

Price Controls Set Off Heated Debate as History Gets a Second Look

A discussion over whether price controls would work to stem inflation is sweeping progressives. So far, it has little political acceptance.

By Ben Casselman and Jeanna Smialek

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