Your Money: Portraits of Student Debt Relief

31 Jan, 2022
How six borrowers in the federal Public Service Loan Forgiveness program got out of debt.

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Till Lauer

your money adviser

More Companies Consider Helping Workers Pay Student Loans

Employers see the aid as part of a bid to attract workers, especially as the federal pause on student loan payments ends on May 1.

By Ann Carrns

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Peter and Maria Hoey


To Get the Most From Social Security, Log On

A variety of online tools can guide retirees looking to make the most of this benefit — which many older Americans depend on.

By Mark Miller

Article Image

Thalia Juarez for The New York Times

They Need Legal Advice on Debts. Should It Have to Come From Lawyers?

A nonprofit has filed a lawsuit in New York, hoping to clear the way for volunteers to help people defend themselves against debt collection suits.

By Andy Newman

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Matt Chase


How to Survive When Stocks Behave Badly

The stock market’s swings have been startling. Unfortunately, it’s wise to prepare for much worse.

By Jeff Sommer

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Andrea Chronopoulos

Inflation and Deficits Don’t Dim the Appeal of U.S. Bonds

Treasury rates remain strikingly low, partly because of the safety government debt offers corporations and retirees. Whether that endures is crucial to federal spending.

By Talmon Joseph Smith

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Caitlin O’Hara for The New York Times

Buy GameStop, Fight Injustice. Just Don’t Sell.

One year in the trenches of the meme stock revolution.

By Tara Siegel Bernard, Emily Flitter and Anupreeta Das

Article Image

Justin Poulsen for The New York Times

work Friend

When Your Office Decides the Pandemic Is Over

The burden shouldn’t be on you to draw boundaries, but you will have to do it.

By Roxane Gay

Article Image

Minh Uong/The New York Times


What May Be in Store as the Fed Cuts Back on the Easy Money

People all over the country — indeed, much of the planet — are depending on the central bank to stave off runaway inflation and keep the economy growing. Prepare for trouble, our columnist says.

By Jeff Sommer


Article Image

Stefani Reynolds for The New York Times

Fed Signals Rate Increase in March, Citing Inflation and Strong Job Market

Jerome H. Powell, the Fed chair, said the central bank could raise rates imminently as officials cut back help for the economy.

By Jeanna Smialek

Article Image

Caleb Kenna for The New York Times

For Skiers, a Winter of Discontent

With resorts having trouble hiring and employees calling out sick, visitors have been frustrated by idled lifts, limited services and closed terrain. Some of the biggest complaints have come from Epic Pass holders.

By Cindy Hirschfeld

Article Image

Photo Illustration by David Brandon Geeting for The New York Times

How Trump Coins Became an Internet Sensation

Getting to the bottom of a modern mystery.

By Stuart A. Thompson

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Glenn Harvey

Tech Fix

Oura Ring 3 Review: A Missed Opportunity for Wearable Tech

At a time when we are concerned about health, the smart ring, which can track sleep and body temperature, is too flawed to recommend.

By Brian X. Chen

Article Image

Emily Kask for The New York Times

Will There Be Mardi Gras?

Yes. And Coachella, too. After canceling many major events over the last two years, organizers are going forward in the first months of 2022, though there may be adjustments.

By Debra Kamin

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Tony Cenicola/The New York Times

Why Is Everyone Going to the Dominican Republic?

The country is a rare pandemic success story, with recent visitor numbers far surpassing those of most other Caribbean destinations. Easy entry rules are a draw, but some residents are uneasy.

By Heather Murphy

Article Image

Tom Sibley for The New York Times


When Life Changed, Reiki, Tarot and a Home Redo Were There to Help

Helen Ho was laid off from her urban planning job at the beginning of the pandemic. She saw it as a chance to focus on the things she really liked doing.

By Marian Bull


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